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Fraud Prevention


The Fraud Prevention Unit’s (FPU) principal mission is to safeguard the U.S. borders by detecting and stopping fraud in applications for U.S. passports, Consular Reports of Birth Abroad, immigrant visas, and non-immigrant visas. FPU accomplishes this critical goal by training Consular Section staff on fraud detection, maintaining close cooperation with U.S. and Romanian law enforcement agencies and deploying our staff of highly trained investigators to conduct interviews and investigations.

The consequences of fraud are extremely serious, to include imprisonment, fines, and loss of the benefit being sought. FPU works closely with the American Citizens Services Unit, the Immigrant Visa Unit, the Non-immigrant Visa Unit, the Department of State's Bureau of Diplomatic Security, and the Department of Homeland Security to aggressively pursue fraud cases. FPU refers individuals as appropriate for prosecution under U.S. and/or Romanian law.

For more information about visa website fraud, please visit the Website Fraud Warning page

Contact Information

If you have a tip or information concerning fraud that you wish to share with the embassy, you may contact the Fraud Prevention Unit (FPU) by email at Additionally, you may fax FPU at (4021)200-3381. If you wish to keep your identity confidential, be sure to tell the FPU that this is your wish when you contact the embassy.

Important Information

  • Do Not Commit Fraud!

    Presenting false documents or making false statements to a consular officer may result in a permanent ban from entering the United States. All the information provided will be carefully checked.