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Messages for US Citizens

Emergency Messages are issued to inform U.S. citizens about imminent events or threats that can affect their personal security and that may require immediate action by U.S. citizens on their own behalf, or by others, to ensure their safety. This includes potentially violent demonstrations, civil disturbances, natural disasters, risk of terrorist attacks, extraordinary measures by local authorities such as martial law, and other non-publicized breaking events.

Security Messages are issued to communicate information about personal security threats of a general or systemic nature, or events/threats where local law-enforcement has taken measures to address or provide enhanced security to the general public. Such threats may include crime trends, demonstrations, peaceful actions intended to disrupt normal activity (i.e., strikes, sit-ins, marches), or localized events not likely to affect large numbers of U.S. citizens.

Messages for U.S. Citizens are used to disseminate information about routine topics such as voter registration, income tax season, new passport procedures, and other administrative/non-security issues of interest to the local U.S. citizen community.